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Often referred to as “French Vodka” our eau-de-vie is a great mixer, enhancing “fruitiness” in any cocktail

Producer ARBEAU, distiller since 1878
Appellation Eau de Vie de Marc du Languedoc
Grape varieties Négrette, Cabernet, Cot, Mérille, Syrah
 Arbeau-de-Vie is distilled with produce from AOP Fronton


The marc is diffused 3 to 5 days in water that has been made mild.
The obtained liquid is then continuously distilled in Armagnac copper stills.
Only the heart of the distillate that has 72% volume (of alcohol) is selected.
A part of the marc is directly distilled with the calenders. A judicious blend of these is what gives “Arbeau-de-Vie its remarkable characteristic.
This eau-de-vie is reduced to 40% volume with pure spring water or distilled water.
The ageing lasts 8 months in vats.


The hue is crystal-clear and the liquid leaves fat and steady marks on the glass.
The nose is full of grapes that reveal a slight perfume of white flowers and pears.
In the mouth, after the alcohol's hot sensation, fresh grapes and pears return.


To be served very cold, 12°C max.
This eau-de-vie is a light and fresh liqueur, that will put life and a new twist into all manner of cocktails.
It may be kept (standing upright) for 8 to 10 years, indeed the alcohols heat tends to disappear allowing the marc to exalt itself.


Bottle : Kendo 70 cl