The wines from the Arbeau family are in the image of the land of confluence from which they spring and the grape varieties that flourish there…. that is to say, thoroughly eclectic. Between the emblematic Négrette of Fronton, symbol of Toulouse reds, Bordeaux Cabernet and Merlot, Syrah native of the Rhone Valley, Côt, (or Malbec) of Cahors, Braucol from Gaillac or Beaujolais Gamay, the choice is vast.

There’s something to please everyone:

Classic blends such as the traditional Château Coutinel, or Villerose from the Frontonnais, or Villerouge from Gaillac, where the aim is primarily to give prominence to the appellations of the South West.

Varietal wines… Négrette, Braucol, Gamay or Côt, in IGP or AOP, where we seek to emphasize the fruit that the terroir so generously offers us.

Easy-drinking wines like Bacchus, an IGP Comté Tolosan, or Diane, a Vin de France, plus a wide range of BiBs that make our wines even more accessible.

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