Winemakers in South-West France since 1878

Chateau Monplaisir

Owners : The Lafforgue family

Estate : 15 ha

Appellation : AOC Fronton

Address : GAEC Lafforgue 121 route de Fronton 31 340 Vacquiers 


At the Château Monplaisir, the elaboration of wine has been done for more than five generations. Today, this estate belongs to the Lafforgue family and is managed by the GAEC Lafforgue (a farmers’ economic interest group). This GAEC was created in 1980, when the Château Monplaisir stretched over about a dozen of hectares. Since then the GAEC have purchased new parcels and planted other vines.

You have to know that the trade between the Château Monplaisir and the Vignobles Arbeau started at the time of their grandfather and that today their relations are still excellent.

The Vineyard

Château Monplaisir has a parcelled vineyard of a total area of 15ha.
This vineyard is located on the delimited area of AOP Fronton.  

One of the main features of the terroir is that the vines are set on the highest terraces of the region of Fronton. Here, the soils are 70% sandy and the rest is made of boulbène and mullet types. The boulbène is a sort of poor and siliceous and sandy-clayey soil, typical of the AOP Fronton and, in a larger part of Southwestern France. On this vineyard many grape varieties are planted: the Négrette (typical of the AOP Fronton), the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Syrah, the Côt, the Gamay, but also the Jurançon and the Alicante which are not recognized by the AOP Fronton.
On this estate the vines are 25 years old on average. 

Along with the years, the yields vary between 50 hl/ha and 60 hl/ha. 

The vine is trained according to the sustainable farming program. It means that the weed-killer treatments against the diseases, the pests and the self-propagating are reasoned and restricted to protect the environment. Another characteristic of the vineyard lies in the practice of the grass cover crop, which is 50% natural and 50% sown, reducing chemical interventions at the vine level against the self-propagating weeds. It leads to the decreasing of interventions like pruning and it helps limit yields by creating a competition for water between the stocks and the grass.

Since 1982, harvests have
been entirely by machine. 

The Winery

Château Monplaisir’s winery is regularly maintained and improvements are made each year. The winery’s capacity reaches 1500 hl and is made of concrete vats (1000 hl) and resin vats (500 hl).

Wines and Wine-making

Here, the grapes are standardly vinified to AOP Fronton specifications.