Winemakers in South-West France since 1878

Domaine de Lescure

Owner : M. Jean-Marie Cardetti

Estate : 35 ha

Appellation : AOP Fronton

Address : lieu dit Lescure 82 370 Labastide Saint-Pierre


The Cardetti family has owned the Domaine Lescure for two generations.   

In 1923, Jean-Marie Cardetti’s father bought the estate which had at that time a vineyard of 5 ha. Then in 1970, Jean-Marie Cardetti took on the property and the vineyard that covered 8 ha. The rest of the vineyard that is today owned by the Domaine Lescure has been purchased little by little. The last acquisitions of parcels happened in the early 80’s. 

The Vineyard

The Domaine Lescure’s vineyard is located on the delimited area of the AOP Fronton. 

The Domaine Lescure covers about 35 ha, vineyard and other crops taken into account. The vineyard’s surface is close to 20 ha. Here the vines are planted on a soil mainly composed by boulbène. The boulbène is a sort of siliceous and sandy-clay soil, typical of the AOP. Fronton and, in a larger part of Southwestern France. However, some parcels also have sandy-silty soils and gravelly soils.

Several grape varieties are cultivated in the Domaine Lescure: the Négrette (typical of the AOC Fronton), the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cabernet Franc, the Gamay, the Syrah and the Côt, for those which are included in the AOP Fronton, and the Jurançon (grape) that is not accepted by the AOP Fronton.

Each year, Jean-Marie Cardetti replants between half an hectare and one hectare of vines. The vines are 17 years old on average and the oldest ones are more than 35.

The yields vary each year but are usually 55 hl/ha, which is the limit imposed by the AOP Fronton.

The vine is planted with a density of 4.400 vines to the hectare. On this estate, grass cover crop is done on a part of the vineyard. Depending on the parcel, it can be a sown crop or a natural one. Jean-Marie Cardetti considers practicing grass cover crop on the rest of the vineyard, for practical reasons like the control of the self-propagating weed and for an aesthetic matter. 

At the Domaine Lescure’s
vineyard, the harvests
are machine made..

The Winery

The winery at Domaine de Lescure is new, rebuilt in 2000 after a fire that occured in 1999. Today the winery’s capacity reaches 2,800 hl.

Wines and Wine-making

Here, the grapes are standardly vinified.
making an AOC Fronton red.