Winemakers in South-West France since 1878

Chateau Langlade

Owners : Pagès family

Estate : 45 ha

Appellation : AOP Gaillac

Address : Saurs 81310 Lisle sur Tarn, France 


The same family has owned the Château Langlade for more than five generations. At the beginning, the estate had a vineyard of 6 ha. But from 1972, parcels have been bought and the Château Langlade expanded. Thierry Pagès became the manager in 1982.

The Vineyard

The Château Langlade’s vineyard is set on one of the most ancient vineyard of France: the AOC Gaillac.

Today the estate has a vineyard that covers 45 ha and the vines are planted on different soils. On the hillside there are chalky clayey soils, at a lower altitude there are gravely soils and at the bottom, in the plain the soils are much more sandy. This variety is typical of the AOC Gaillac. 

Five different grape varieties are cultivated in the Château Langlade: the Duras, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Braucol, the Gamay and the Syrah.
These vines are 25 years old on average.

The yields vary each year but are always close to 55 hl/ha.

Here, the density of the vines plantations varies between 4.500 vines to the hectare and 5.500 vines to the hectare. It depends on the nature of the parcel’s soil and on the grape variety that is planted.
According to Thierry Pagès the sustainable farming is considered to be a key factor in the managing of the estate. All the weed-killer treatments are reasoned before their application, to avoid excess and protect the environment.

At Château Langlade, 
harvests are machine made, 
except for the Gamay parcels 
that are manually harvested.

The Winery

In 1995 Thierry Pagès decided to build a brand new winery where the old and outdated one used to be. The winery can now contain about 5.000 hl.

Wines and Wine-making

At the Château Langlade, vinifications are standard.
The wine we offer you is a red wine of AOC Gaillac.