Winemakers in South-West France since 1878

Chateau Carrol de Bellel

Owner : M. Gilbert Gasparotto

Estate : 14 ha

Appellation : AOC Fronton

Address : 93 chemin de Boujac  82370 Campsas 


The same family has owned the Château Carrol de Bellel for four generations.

In 1979, Gilbert Gasparotto took on this estate which covered 7 ha. Over the years, Gilbert Gasparotto has bought parcels to extend his vineyard. His last purchase happened in 1995, when he bought two more hectares.

The Vineyard

The Château Carrol de Bellel’s vineyard is located on the delimited area of  AOP Fronton. 

The 14 ha of the Château Carrol de Bellel’s vineyard are set on a land principally made of boulbène. The boulbène is a sort of siliceous and sandy-clayey soil, typical of the AOP Fronton and, in a larger part of Southwestern France. It makes a relatively poor soil.

Various grape varieties can be found: the Négrette (typical of AOP Fronton), the Gamay, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cabernet Franc and the Syrah.
The vines are 30 years old on average.

The yields vary according to the labeling of the wines, whether they are classified as AOC Fronton or Vins de Pays.
The AOP Fronton wines reach 55 hl/ha at the maximum and the Vins de Pays are limited to 80 hl/ha.

The vine is trained in sustainable farming, with the setting up of requirements. Thus all the weed-killer treatments are restricted so that the environment is protected. The Château Carrol de Bellel has indeed subscribed to an E.T.C. (Exploitation Territorial Contract) to improve the equipment. Environmental measures, such as the grass cover crop, have to be taken up to get the E.T.C. 

The Winery

In 2001 the winery was been entirely renovated in conformity with the setting up of the C.T.E. for the improvement of the equipment. Today, the winery’s total capacity is of 3,000 hl.

Wines and Wine-making

At the Château Carrol de Bellel, vinifications are standard.
The wine we offer you is a red wine of AOP Fronton.