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LA VIGNE N°306 la revue du monde viticole - mars 2018

Rouges - Le calme à Gaillac

"Le marché du gaillac rouge est un peu endormi.Il aurait besoin d'être réveillé par un négoce désireux d'élaborer des marques",soutient Pierre Arnaud, directeur de la cave Labastisde-de-Lévis.Cette coopérative commercialise 40 000 hl vrac,dont 3000 hl de gaillac rouge en vrac auprès de quatre partenaires de longue date.Des marchés suivis pour lesquels elle élabore des vins fruités et mûrs.Du côté des cours, là non plus, pas de surprise ni de yo-yo."On est autour de 120€/hl contre 110€/hl l'an passé",indique Anne Arbeau, dirigeante de la société de négoce du même nom.Arbeau achète 30% de ses vins en vrac, le reste en bouteille.Avec 4000 hl, le gaillac rouge représente 10% de son activité vrac."C'est une AOC pour laquelle in n'y a pas de précipitation.Nous faisons des retiraisons tout au long de l'année", explique-t-elle.Thierry Pages, à la tête de château Langlade, à Lisle-sur-Tarn, travaille depuis dix ans avec Arbeau.Ce négoce a déjà pris 130 hl des 400 hl de gaillac rouge qu'il a produits en 2017.Le restant sera enlevé d'ici trois mois.Le tout à des prix "stables" selon Thierry Pages:120€/hl contre 115€/hl l'an passé.

The Arbeau house plays the regional grape varieties


After a very promising Vinexpo wine fair, Anne and Géraud Arbeau decided to increase their commercial efforts towardsforeign markets. After China, Chateau Coutinel now aims the United States.
Prosper Arbeau would have been proud of his heirs. Since he founded the company in 1878, his great grandchildren strongly developed sales in France and abroad. Nowadays Vignobles ARBEAU's 18 employees are realizing a 4 million euros annual turnover.
However its modern bottling chain fulfills 2 million bottles a year (many local producers trust the company to bottle their wines), Vignobles ARBEAU is currently conquering new markets through the winemaking of "small scale" varietals cuvées."It's been a year since we started to enhance quality by proposing fruity wines with limited production. 20 000 bottles a year.This original use of four sothwestern varietals (Négrette, Côt, Braucol, ans Gamay)is deeply appreciated by our customers"said Géraud ARBEAU current CEO.
It is also a way to claim our belonging to the Fronton area while the regional administration is trying to gather all the local winemakers under a single banner."Of course from Languedoc. However, we want to preserve our Southwestern identity that is very attractive around the world"said Anne Arbeau, Géraud's sister.
During the Vinexpo wine fair, Vignobles Arbeau met its foreign clients as well as new contacts among the 45 000 visitors,especially Americans wishing to import some Fronton wine.These varietal wines (100%Négrette, 100% Côt) perfectly fit with new consumption trends that prefer easy-to-drink wines to wines "de garde" that need to wait a few years to fully express their aromas.
Key fact:36
Vignobles Arbeau is nowadays making 35% of its annual turnover in 36 countries.Even if France remains the company's first market the sales keep increasing in Asia (mostly China and Japan).
Entering the American market will certainly bring other opportunities...

WINE ENTHUSIAST Château Coutinel Grande Réserve rouge 2014

WINE ENTHUSIAST Château Coutinel Braucol 2016

October 2016 : visit in Château Coutinel

法國四處都有好酒,除了波爾多人所共知,鄰近的庇利牛斯大區,同一天空下,經緯度相若,順理成章也有很多好東西。位於AOP Fronton法定產區內,就有中堅分子Vignobles Arbeau,主要生產紅葡萄酒及玫瑰紅酒,質量媲美名牌酒莊。
鳴謝:法國旅遊發展署(ATOUT FRANCE),法國南部庇利牛斯大區旅遊局(Midi-Pyrénées Tourist Board)
兄妹拍檔 宣揚地區名釀
Arbeau生產Vins de France、IGP及AOP幾個級別的酒類,深入認識土層帶卵石、泥沙及黏土的特質,培植出肥美的Négrette葡萄品種,取其豐厚的汁液,釀造出多種口味的美酒,贏得口碑與重要獎項。Négrette葡萄是AOP Fronton法定產區的主要品種,比較少人認識,帶有濃縮的黑漿果味道,混合了紫羅蘭花、甘草及胡椒等複雜香氣,製作紅酒最見合適。Géraud Arbeau及Anne Arbeau兩兄妹負責打理公司,用男主內,女主外的模式,Géraud處理技術及行政事務,而妹妹則致力做市場推廣,造出佳績。旗下的Château Coutinel最受注目,Arbeau取得獨家經銷權,共生產8款酒,自2000年起,從老樹採摘特選葡萄釀製成“ElixiR”,只有15,000瓶;到了2009年,一直少生產白葡萄酒的酒莊,又破天荒做了3,000瓶半乾身的梅洛(Merlot)“Quintessence”白酒。論整體產量,Négrette當然獨領風騷,現在大比例的紅酒及玫瑰紅酒,都全部用上百分百Négrette釀製。
獲Arbeau兄妹邀請到Château Coutinel試酒,順道遊覽葡萄園,有機種植法是大趨勢,葡萄生長高度限制在1米內,酒莊面積72公頃,半數是Négrette葡萄樹,平均40歲,嚴選有潛質的產品放進木桶陳年,新酒則注入大容量搪瓷酒缸發酵,鎖定酒質與香氣,近年,員工也嘗試種植Viognier白葡萄,幾年後,漸見成績。

簽證:持BNO或特區護照免簽證。查詢:3752 9900(法國領事館)
地址:BP1-82370 Labastide Saint-Pierre

SEPTEMBER 2016 : Conquering the Chinese market ...

It's this Sunday, as part of the eleventh "Roundtable of Chinese and French mayors", organized by the France-China Committee, the vineyard will receive a delegation of Chinese mayors. A reception is announced in Château Cransac in Fronton. There, guests supported by the House of wines will taste wines but also the one from individual wineries, castles already working with China. It is a fact, the wine of Toulouse went to conquer the Middle Kingdom! The Chinese are precise and exacting in their demands. They are looking for elite wines. Ours are for there to wealthy clients.

Arbeau seduced

For Vignobles Arbeau, the Chinese market has no secrets explains the owner Géraud , "On 800,000 bottles exported, 500,000 are in this country. At first we adapted our wines. Today, we distribute the AOP in China. The Chinese like wines with low tannins, soft and colorful, easy to drink. "

To see more details

La Depêche du midi - 25/09/2016

AUGUST 2016 : Soap made in AOP Fronton

At the time, in 1946, Cécile, the great-mother of Anne Arbeau recovering grape seeds from the family distillery. Then, thanks to the station in his village of Labastide-Saint-Pierre (since disappeared), shipped them to several companies of Bouches-du-Rhône, including the new soap factory. Of welcome in this postwar period glitches; the soap was pressing them to extract oil which served as basis for beautiful soaps that you see here. Cécile Arbeau and winemakers who had received in return distilled soap valuable in times of shortage.

To see more deails about this story, copy and paste this link below :!/2016/08/synergies-demodees.html


Sommeliers International : Château Coutinel on the sommeliers' top XX

Twenty emminent UDSF sommeliers gathered I the afternoon after the competition to make their own selection and their comments of the top XX, all colours and appellations taken together, the best of the morning's gold medales.

Their selection :  Château Coutinel 2014, Red, AOP Fronton

Sommerliers International magazine N°152 - page 39


Château Carrol of Bellel
Vintage: 2014

Vintage: Vintage
Country: France
Region: South west
Domain: Vignobles Arbeau
Appellation: Fronton
Category: Red Wine
Varietal: Négrette (55%) Cabernet Franc (25%) Gamay (20%)
Tasted: 2015
Rating: 85/100


Tasting notes

Beautiful ruby instead argued. gourmand nose very engaging with violets, spices. Even accessibility palate seduces with its freshness, its balance and its keen perfumes. A great franchise service typicality.

For more information :


Vignobles Arbeau were this year partner of the Fourth Week of French Gastronomy at Israel. This operation was a success with 28 counts mobilized partners, 20 restaurants in six Israeli cities, 7 charities involved,  70 new products distributed in the Israeli market through the first Israeli distribution chain, and extensive media coverage.

The wines were tasted during the gala evening in honor of Toulouse Thursday, February 11, 2016.


Le préfet Pierre Besnard, Sylvia Pinel, le sous-préfet Sébatien Lanoye et Véronique Colombié, conseillère départementale, ne s'attendaient sûrement pas à planter un pied de vigne au Château Coutinel, sous la pluie de surcroît. C'est la surprise que leur a réservée Géraud Arbeau avant de les entraîner à l'abri pour la présentation de ses activités. D'abord le château Coutinel de 44 hectares de vignes cultivées en lutte raisonnée qui produisent de l'AOP Fronton, mais aussi des vins de France qui permettent de se positionner sur le marché mondial, puis le métier de négociant qui comprend aussi une collaboration avec les producteurs locaux avec qui il passe des contrats annuels de commercialisation et enfin la distillerie où passent marc et lies du département pour les prestations viniques. Président de l'interprofession des vins de Fronton, il s'est dit inquiet par les futures négociations de l'Organisation communes des marchés (OCM).

Pour clore cette visite, avec l'humour qui le caractérise, Joël Carcenac a rappelé au préfet que barriques et barricades avaient la même origine. «Je préfère le premier mot», a répondu le préfet qui a prolongé les échanges pendant du repas.

La depêche - 20 Mars 2016


Château Coutinel red 2014, AOP Fronton : "intense fruit on the nose and mouth" Gold medal in the 20th South West wine contest and selected to the top Southwest France of the French Sommelier


Success Story : a mission in the United States

An interview of Anne Arbeau in Japan

To see the video, clic on the link below:

90 Château Coutinel 2013 Fronton
This flowery, perfumed wine is full of red currants and berries that balance a solid, dry element.
With the potential of rounding out and becoming rich as well as structured, it should be cellared.
Drink from 2017.
Editor's Choise 
abv : 12.5%

87 Château Coutinel 2014 On l'appelle Négrette (Fronton)
Light colored and fruite, this has the typical Négrette polish, aromas and dry tannins accompanied by
red berry fruits, with a richer, full aftertaste. The wine is made to drink young, so drink from 2016.
abv :12.5%

84 Château Coutinel 2014 Rosé (Fronton)
An unsual and wonderful blend of grapes has produced a simple and fruity wine. Touches of caramel
broaden the crisp red berry fruits and bright acidity. It should be drunk now.
abv : 12%

Oenology: Fronton red and rosé wines ... for fun course. Paris-Côtes d'Azur May 2015

Located in the Southwest, between Toulouse and Montauban, the vineyards of Fronton spans twenty cities around the authentic town of Fronton. It offers a range of wines of fun, light and easy to reserve some nice surprises.

Château Coutinel Rosé 2014: a blend of 60% Négrette, 20% Gamay, 10% Syrah, 10% Iron Servadou a dress that gives a clear pink. The nose is intense, fresh and fruity with an English and minty sweet side. The mouth is tonic, greedy, fat and persistent - 12 ° - 4,80 €. Gold Medal 2015 Concours des Grands Vins de France in Macon desire to values.

How not to associate these local products to gastronomy so rich and tasty South-West of France? Foie gras and other Canardises, cheese, black truffles, meats and meat quality ... seem to combine for the best and priority will taste with a glass of Fronton. Spread the word!


"Maxime knows nothing of wine, it has everything to learn the wine world. For him there are no stupid questions, no complex to resume the basics. Like many people of his generation, it is curious and only asks to understand what it consumes.

Thibaut, the passionate. But far from overrated speech he tries désintellectualiser oenology and put it within the reach of everyone. With the aim of making this available world it takes Maxime in search of the many hidden gems of our vineyards. "

And it is natural that Arbeau Vineyards passed on their knowledge, their knowledge of the land and their love of southwestern wines.

To see the video, copy and paste the link below:

Refreshing wine cocktails in white, rosé and red

For each color of wine, a unique taste: the winery Arbeau in the southwestern of France older 125 years diversifying with the three varieties of chocolate-cherry (red), Passion Grapefruit (Rosé) and Blanc Cassis licorice (white) in the dynamic segment of the flavor of wine based drinks. Extravagant mixtures marked with taste and low alcohol and sugar content.

Sopexa / Prowein 2015

Winning return to Japan - The Vine / November 2014

After twelve years of abscence, Vinexpo returned to Japan, on 1st and 2nd of November. The show was held at the Prince Park Tower Hotel in central Tokyo. It brought together 150 exhibitors from 15 countries, led by France. The market was expecting this appointment: wine consumption has jumped 30% between 2008 and 2012. And it is expected to grow by 3.3% between 2013 and 2017 to 455 million bottles. Anne Arbeau represented Vignobles Arbeau, a company based in the Tarn-et-Garonne selling over 2 million bottles. It exports to Japan since 2007.
We have not stopped for a moment. I was afraid that there is little traffic, because I had not received many responses to my invitations. But people came. Our pediment négrette 100% pleased. "
A surprise though: then the Japanese are the world's 7th wine consumers above 10 dollars, the lounge number of buyers looking for wines under 3 or 4 to sell in stores open neighborhoods 24/24. In total, over 3,200 visitors came, all very professional.

Japan, a demanding market - La Vigne / November 2014

The unknown appellations have their place. "The market is mature. The consumer taste has matured and there is a niche for little-known varietals," said David Rolland. In the Tarn-et-Garonne, Anne Arbeau, head of the vineyards that produce the same name Château Coutinel (60 ha in AOC Fronton) is still surprised. In October 2007, she moved to Tokyo with UBIFRANCE. "Our interlocutors knew AOC Fronton." I was stunned! "she remembers.
Since then, she always exports. Vignobles Arbeau realize 30% of their turnover from exports, 10% in Japan. "I enjoy working with the Japanese. They like structured red wines. They are makers of innovative products." She put on the market a vintage Château Coutinel, a Fronton red 2010, 100% négrette grape variety it produced 28,000 bottles. The Japanese are fighting over.  

La Vigne - page 89

Anne ARBEAU to conquer China - MANAGER / OCTOBER 2014

Anne Arbeau, 36 years old, general & export manager, and her brother Gerald Arbeau, winemaker, took over the family vineyard in 2004, located in the Tarn-et-Garonne. A company created by their grandparents in 1878, also owners of Château Coutinel, AOC Fronton wine country of Toulouse. With sales of € 4.6M, export, representing 30% of sales, is a real challenge for siblings! Since 2005, Anne Arbeau made ​​his first trip to China, "the local people did not know much about wine ... Since real transformation has taken place, especially from 2008 to the Vinexpo in Hong Kong, "she says. Now, Vignobles Arbeau export to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore or Taiwan. "We also work in Africa - Togo, Ghana, Senegal - and with all European countries, as well as some private importers in Canada," adds the general manager. The goal now? "Entering the american market," she discloses a hint. This is all the evil we wish him

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