It all began here. Just a stone’s throw from this church tower in South West France.

Our village, Labastide-Saint-Pierre, clothed in the red brick of the Midi and the rounded clay tiles of the south of France, sat between Toulouse and Bordeaux, on the banks of the River Tarn, a mere step away from the Garonne. Land of confluence and exchange, where cassoulet and rugby form part of our DNA, Gascony rubs shoulders with Quercy, and Mediterranean and Atlantic embrace.

In 1878 our ancestor, Prosper Arbeau, chose to cultivate this implacable earth and reveal the quality and diversity of its produce. Polyculture was the custom in those days… the family grew wheat, animal fodder, gherkins, and even made broomsticks. But already, back then, it was the vine that led the dance.

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